Ways we can do more together

Further the waste free living movement by holding a workshop or talk or be taken on through mentoring for complete support

I have spent years building a bank of experience and collating knowledge and now wish to share it to all who want it. I am passionate about spreading the philosophies of waste free living to people of all ages, demographics and abilities and do so in several ways. My incredible partner, Ché, works with me in this space and provides an amazing balance of energy, insight, approach, knowledge and enthusiasm. Bring us both on board to help make your sustainability dreams a reality and create positive change.

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Speaking and Workshops

Invite me to speak at your event, visit your school assembly or meet with your business staff. We create a range of ways to connect and spread awareness including informative talks, team-building workshops for children and adults, waste free DIY workshops, environmentally-orientated movement workshops culminating in a performance, healthy living motivational speaking and interactive storytelling. Both Ché and myself have many years of experience working with people with disabilities and work to customise the approach for the greatest level of connection and impact.

We have presented independent workshops along the East Coast as well as at festivals and events such as Woodford, Newkind, Rainbow Serpent, Earth Frequency and the Brisbane Eco Expo.

Environmental Advising

Do you have an itch to make your workplace, business, organisation, school or company more environmentally conscious but are unsure of just how many aspects can be addressed? Bring me in to check out your practices and provide ways to align your organisation with your conscious intention. I am aware that every organisation is at a different level of sustainability practices, business flexibility and financial capacity and I do my utmost to ensure we achieve the greatest impact while accommodating these aspects. Be genuine with your environmental values by extending them throughout your organisation, giving the ability to market and promote yourself as environmentally conscious and be seen as actively making positive changes.

Personal Mentoring

Be guided in a completely supported and integrated transition into waste free, conscious living. Here we work together to analyse your lifestyle, habits, personal traits, tendencies and personality to find approaches that will allow for a smooth and positive transition. With regular sessions and contact, you will have a way of bouncing ideas, expressing concerns, deep brain picking, advice sharing and kinship as we go through this together. As I am invested in each mentoring partnership, I have a limit to the people I can support at one time so please contact me to check in with availability.

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Movement Workshops

I am a creative at my roots. Having trained and worked professionally in a variety of physical disciplines, including dance, circus, acrobatics, aerials, physical theatre and body connection, my practice is extensive and integrates a diverse spread of ideas. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts (dance performance) QUT with Distinction in 2013 and have fill the time between then and now with many independent projects; collaborating with other artists, working for several companies, creating my own interdisciplinary environmentally-orientated work and educating. 

I am now extremely passionate about promoting social and environmental change by connecting people to their bodies and to the Earth through improvisational movement modalities to exercise creativity, curiosity, body connection and awareness, and a deeper understanding of movement. These workshops are designed for dancers and non-dancers (especially non-dancers) and are intuitively designed to provide the most appropriate approach for each unique group.

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