What is The Waste Free Way

The keys to change are guidance and support ~ begin your environmental living transition

Zero Waste ~ Plastic Free ~ Eco Living ~ Waste Free ~ Environmentally Friendly ~ Conservation ~ Sustainability..... 

We are seeing these terms more and more, but where does one start?

The Waste Free Way has one intention ~ to help as many people as humanly possible transition to a waste free lifestyle for the sake of themselves, the Planet & every living being on it.

It promotes living harmoniously with the Planet; encouraging personal growth, a sense of community, & care for our environment. It helps people connect to the growing global movement of environmental living by providing complete support & guidance; teaching a way of being that gives people the power, tools & critical thinking to make this lifestyle change permanent.

The urgency and momentum to act for the Planet is increasing but trying to change so many aspects of your lifestyle at once can be overwhelming to the point of paralysis. The Waste Free Way provides a simplistic yet comprehensive collection of concepts, tools and philosophies born from years of waste free living experience & a deep, unstoppable desire to preserve our incredible Earth.

Taking action with complete support

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The Waste Free Way in 33 Days is the first guide of its kind to give a simplistic yet comprehensive look at a waste free, environmentally conscious lifestyle shift. With 33 days of videos, resources and support material covering a different tool, philosophy or strategy to live lighter each day, the guide paces you through everything you need to know to establish a foundation for a long term lifestyle change.
The Guide
Photograher Justin Hofman shows the heartbreaking effects of plastic pollution in our oceans with a beautiful seahorse clinging to a plastic Q tip

The guide includes

Changing your lifestyle doesn't have to be done alone

  • 33 days of daily videos

    Each day we cover a new concept, moving through many aspects of waste free, conscious living at a pace that is engaging yet not overwhelming. These videos are designed for you to have on in the morning while you are making breakfast or as you are driving somewhere or just to sit and ponder on. They are also available in podcast form

  • Downloadable resources to simplify your transition

    I have squished down years worth of experience, knowledge, tools and techniques into short, sweet resources for you to gain the concepts of waste free living efficiently without having to sift through meters of blogs or hours of videos. Everything is in the one place and ready for you to learn

  • Access to personal support

    We are both humans so let's connect. Whether you like to work quietly at your own pace or prefer breaking down concepts through conversations, you have access to a one-on-one phone call every week and can email me whenever you need.

  • Connection to community

    The Waste Free Way's online community is a place for peer support, knowledge sharing and inspiration sparking. It is way to cultivate and spread good vibes as well as where I hold weekly live seminars to dive deeper into different topics

  • Sea Shepherd support

    Some of the money you part with purchasing this guide will be donated on your behalf to Sea Shepherd; an unreal international non-profit marine conservation organisation dedicated to upholding ocean law and restoring peace in the waters that so many incredible animals call home. Defend, Conserve, Protect. For the oceans

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Meet Asher, The Naginya Way

The creator

Hello, I am Asher. For lack of a better label I am an Environmental Servant, Creative Activist, Dance Artist and Earth Lover; dedicated to give everything I've got to the cause of environmental preservation and restoration. Armed with creativity, passion and years of experience living waste free, my vision is to inspire and educate other to lighten their footprint on the Planet, while making the most of life, thriving and being happy. I wish to guide people to live aligned with their values, to replace guilt with meaning and purpose, and to empower themselves with knowledge and critical thought.

Asher Bowen-Saunders


Asher Bowen-Saunders

Waste free way-ers

What they say

“I have always dreamed of living a waste free lifestyle, however have felt too overwhelmed by where to start. The Waste Free Way has made this transition far less intimidating. This is made possible by Asher's wealth of knowledge and ability to breakdown each of the changes necessary. The Waste Free Way guide is very accommodating to the level of waste free living you wish to achieve. This way you can tailor the program to suit your circumstances without the guilt of feeling like a failure. The Wastefree way has left me feeling inspired to live a life I fully agree with by consuming consciously and living mindfully.”


“I have known Asher since our days at university and I am inspired by her creative activism around waste free living. Asher is a bold and powerful woman who has encouraged me to consider my walk on this earth in a fresh way. I am a proud Kuku Yalanji woman from the Daintree Rainforest & China Camp areas, as well as Kuku Ngunkal from the Shiptons Flat area in Far North Queensland. I have grown up understanding as a custodian of the boundaries of these lands, my role involves caring for (country), or in my language "bubu". My Waste Free Way journey complements my already established values of treading lightly on our earth. The online platform has been simple and easy to navigate. I have enjoyed progressing through the course units at my own pace as I soak up the learnings. I do believe that I am now making even more conscious decisions as I transition to a longterm waste free lifestyle.”


“Living sustainably has always been something that I have been passionate about. Little did I know until I joined the Waste Free Way Program that the Zero Waste community was my home. Personally, I found the term “ Zero Waste” super confronting as I had so many parts of my life I felt like I could improve. Asher makes a waste free living movement achievable no matter where you are in your journey. Whether you have got your first keep cup or are rocking it at are making your own diy products. This program has a place for you and whatever your "why" may be. I am very thankful to Ashers approach to the waste-free movement. The learnings this program has given me will last a lifetime as I learn more and more about my waste-free living every day. We are so privileged to have the chance to impact the world through our everyday consumption and behaviours. Just because you are reading this review shows that this is something deep inside you know you want to do. I promise you will not regret taking this program. We are here to do this together and Asher and The Waste freeway community is the perfect place to get started.”